My Wet Sex Lover

I had some of the most exciting times of my life with a pee pal some years ago. The first time he met me, we went out for drinks, but of course we left without peeing. We knew what we wanted, but we were both inexperienced at these things. We were dying to pee when we got to the hotel, and we headed straight for the shower. We got undressed and got in, and then started peeing like crazy. We were running our fingers through it, pressing against one another and getting soaked. Then he suddenly crouched down in front of me and started licking me while I was still going. It felt fantastic, the combination of sensations of relief and stimulation. He kept it up with his mouth and fingers until I came incredibly hard. Then I wanted him in my mouth. I was sure he still had some pee left, but suddenly I got a shyness attack, and was afraid to ask for it where I wanted it. So instead I went down on him. He said, "Hold on," and gently placed his hands on my hair. I stopped, and suddenly I tasted a salty, tangy liquid filling my mouth, and I felt and heard his stream hitting the back of my throat. I was in ecstacy! After he finished off in my mouth, I looked at him in happy amazement and said, "How did you know I wanted you to do that?" Turns out he had seen me licking his pee off my fingers after our "showers". I thought I was being subtle, but he caught me, and he said it turned him on big time to see that! I made him *** then and there. We took a regular shower together after that. Then we relaxed until we started getting desperate again (we had drank a lot of water as well as drinks). That, of course, turned us on all over again, and what happened for another story! ;)


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Great story. I have always wanted to lick a woman's ***** while she is peeing.

damn you are incredible

mutual peeing is great

Great story ! Pee play is such an awesome turn on ! My gf and I love giving each other golden showers. I love the feel and taste of her hot golden nectar as it slides down my throat ! Happy peeing !!

I loved that he went down on you while you were still peeing....that would have driven me crazy as well! Very Hot

I find pee play such an aphrodisiac and the sex that follows is so intense. I wind up cuming so hard it hurts., not that I'm complaining, lol.

This story is fantastic, I love watersports and so I had to ********** and was "in heaven" a 5 minutes ago...

Absolutely wonderful and what an introduction to the pleasures of pee sex!

i am so jealous of your ex! how did he ever let you go? i love to drink till i can't anymore, all the while edging till i can't do that anymore either. then i can't *** 'cause i gotta pee so bad, & i can't pee 'cause i gotta *** so bad. i'm sure you could push me to even greater limits while i drink from your fountain & make you *** over & over again!

great story,<br />
how did you arrange this meeting, did you know him before hand or was it arranged over the internet?<br />
Just asking because i'd love to arrange something similar but am not having much luck.<br />
<br />

Thanks! No I don't indulge now; my bf isn't into it. About all he'll do is let me hug him and squeeze against him from the back while he pees in the toilet. He knows watching him pee turns me on, but I wouldn't dare tell him about wanting pee sex. I can tell he just doesn't have any interest and would probably be grossed out. I did have one watersports lover years ago; he's the one in my stories.

You always talk about past lovers.. Do you not indulge anymore now??

Please tell us more....and soon!!! ;-)))

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