Best Tasting Pee?

Making love while peeing is one of my greatest turn ons.  Especially nice is going down on a girl while she pees.  Sometimes thought the taste is a little strong.  Has anybody found a sure fire liquid diet that results in a good tasting pee? 

 For me the best has been diet  soft drinks, though most of the time my partner (and I) are drinking when we get the urge.  Wine results in a wine tasting pee, beer in a beery taste.  I've tasted my own after a morning of drinking black coffee and it has a nutty taste, not too bad. 

Would appreciate your recipes. 


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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Water is still the best thing. Fruit juices (and naturally sweetened drinks) work well for pee and c*m. Watch out for foods high in protein and avoid asparagus 24 hours before any watersport play.

I have a girl who works with me that swears that pineapple juice is a great way to make her pee and her woman juices taste reallt sweet....she winked and said it would work for me too...We keep several cans in my frig at of these days I'll get up enough nerve to ask her to let me taste..

Here's a link that will help you a lot to understand the way that nutrition changes the taste of pee.<br />
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Diet sugar is not metabolized from human body, comes out like it is and gives a sweet pee ...

Champagne makes it a little bitter, and somewhat....I guess "spicy" might be the word. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. But I've had quite a bit of's yummy.