My Third Watersports Experience

My next encounter with WS was with a dominatrix I found listed on a website. She listed her specialities and these included WS and she was fairly local (but nit to close fir comfort) We corresponded a few times by email just so I could explain my specific fantasy, after my earlier experience where I asked a lady I visited I wanted to repeat the experience but in a more forced Dom scenario. 

On the day I arrived at a fairly plain and unassuming block of flats. I was slightly nervous as there were workman painting on the floor I needed to visit, I just walked straight past them a knocked on the address I had been given. The door opened slightly and I heard a whisper "come in" as u stepped in side the dimly lit room I could make out a bed and some sort of medical chair. This was clearly a bed sit done out like a dungeon, we discussed finances and confined my specific needs, the lady was polite and sounded very experienced. Once money had changed hands here tone changed, this was a shock at first but was quite obvious soon that it was part if the act. She demanded I lick her toes, odd I thought as I had not expressed a foot fetish, I need not worry this was just a build up to the main event. Lick she demanded pointing to slightly hairy mound. I eagerly licked a she moaned, she soon shifted position from the bed to rh medical chair, thrusting her a&&& in the air demanded a lick again

After a while she got up and walked to the comer of the room where a curtain hid a sink and she retrieved a wine flute which she waved in my face. Ready fir a drink ? She said I could not speak but nodded , she positioned the glass under her ***** and looked me straight in the face, it started as a trickle but soon sped up, she handed the glass to me and demanded DRINK drink it all, although it was pretty dark I could see the colour was pretty dark shade if yellow, in my previous experiences if watersports it had been pretty watered down as wen you book I assume they take on lots if water, I don't think this was the case, I my first gulp confined this, it took me back slightly as it had a very sting taste , never less I soon finished it and she then directed me to lie on the floor where she straddled my face and made me lick her clean. Did you enjoy she said seemingly not out if the character, yes I replied it was great, she raised her crouch up slightly and  then began to pee again, I was not expecting it but I quickly re positioned my mouth to drink some mire if her nectre. After she had finished she explained that it was part of what she had planned but thought I deserved a little treat as u gad been such an obedient slave

What a wonderful session, I am sure I will make another booking soon 


sussexnick sussexnick
41-45, M
Feb 20, 2010