A Young Man Tutored In The Art Of Submissive Love

my first experience in being peed on was when i was twenty, and my wife was thirty one. she took me in the shower and with the hot water running, gently pushed me beneath her, as the hot steam rose around us i excitedly stared up at her vagina. i felt her hands holding my head ever so gently with a motherly love, yet forceful,like an abusive element existed. As she began to urinate on me, we both felt more excitement and a closeness unlike any other. we have since shared seven years more together, and we have gotten to where she ****** in my mouth and tells me to swallow it. also, she has learned to **********, and *** ****** while spraying gushing bursts of ****. we have become very interested and turned on to lesbian domination and golden showers. we are actively seeking a woman to join in, and be dominated, in watersports, my wife would like to dominate another woman by ******* on her, and i have to admit i am thrilled, at the thought of it, and very much expecting to join in the threeway action. whatagirl
sabroso sabroso
26-30, M
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mmmm - you <strong>are</strong> a lucky guy!

You are a lucky man!