Nature's Most Exquisite Beauty

A Wave

Like Aphrodite, born from the sea, her beautiful form obliges men to linger their gaze.  

Such a simple thing, so pure, so dynamic.  It is high art in motion.  The graceful curves of a goddess, the power of a god.

Few things in nature can bestir in me such emotions; peace, comfort, wonder, exhilaration, reverence, awe, fear, yes, even terror.  

It's sound, like a siren call haunts me in the night.  Alluring me to revel in her bosom yet reminding me to respectfully tread lightly.

The protagonist in an ever changing choreodrama unfolding between the stoic land and the faces of the fickle sea.  Passive, immovable bed rock of the shore, at times caressed by gentle undulations of a graceful azure expanse while in the next scene assaulted and besieged by the angry foaming swells of a jilted watery deep. 

Even at these times of passion-like marine chaos I am mesmerized by the beauty in the unrelenting motion, the windblown crest,  the massive surging and the pure energy of a wave.

Tidestruck Tidestruck
31-35, M
Feb 8, 2010