Well And Truly Hooked

Ever since I first tried it some twelve years or so ago, I've always loved wearing a corset. I haven't always had the opportunity to wear one regularly, although I have worn one to work from time to time, hidden undetected under ordinary street clothes. I enjoyed the secret thrill as much as the physical sensation, I think.

Now, greater opportunity has coincided with something of a greater desire on my part to be corseted on a permanent basis, and so a few weeks ago I donned my 28" overbust corset and started wearing it pretty much 24/7 apart from essential 'ablutions'. I'd already been used to sleeping corseted on a pretty regular basis so I slipped naturally and happily into the routine.

I was able to lace it tighter and tighter with every week that passed. At first it was a little awkward to bend or crouch in it, and tying my bootlaces was something of a challenge to say the least. But I quickly became accustomed to the tightness of my corset and to the very pleasant feeling of being hugged and squeezed that came with it.

To my delight, I found that I was able to lace it fully closed, having achieved about a 2 or 3 inch waist reduction. I loved my new, slimmer figure and revelled in the feeling of being tightly corseted. The logical next step was to get a smaller corset, and so today I laced up in a 26" PVC overbust corset - which I'd never previously been able to get into - in the same style as the other one. I pulled the laces as tight as I possibly could and was amazed to find I'm extremely comfortable, my body being held and supported firmly in its tight steel-boned grip.

I absolutely love the sensation of being in a really tightly-laced corset, the sexy look and feel of the shiny black PVC being the icing on the cake.
61-65, M
Nov 29, 2012