I am wearing a corset for the first time ever at the sister sent it to friend came and laced me into it...*I posted a pic in my albums*....anyway I feel very prim and proper, posture wise...but also feel completely sexual right now and just....bound...and rather indecent wearing nothing at all under this outfit...very odd and sensual conflicting feelings...but I feel as though I am ready to be taken over and over....
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corsets rock, reminds both players of your importance, your 'wealth of being' and the importance of erotic delights in life. Hard to deny sex when a woman is corseted

would love to see a pic of you in your corset!

A woman in a corset is a very sttractive and sexual sight. As I am very sure that you are.

There really is no other way to describe the way a real corset encircles, compresses, and, yes, binds you. You are held firmly, held and reshaped. Even the firmest girdles do not alter you like a corset does, and nothing short of being tied to a post, holds you so straight. How can it not be arousing?

Nice story would like to see you in that corset very sexy x

Aw I love a woman in a corset. But I see it in a slighty different light i.e. a strict and sexy look

Please add me so I can see your wicked corset pics! Thanks. :)

Definite drool factor here

*slow sexy pixie smile*wink*

wouldn't even try to help you out it..take you in it


Oh I know the feeling!!

I have two of them and I do love them. There is something wholly feminine and decadent about them.

absolutely....although driving in a corset at 5' is interesting, especially looking over ones

LOL...I can imagine...They are a bit stiff and not always comfortable..but I love how one looks with thigh highs and **** me pumps.

oh yes...although I must confess I am a boots kind of gal myself *wink*

*smiles* ..I have plenty of those too..some with heels and some not.

*warm smile* awesome

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Wow, that's great. I love the idea of how it makes you feel. I'm curious, why would your sister give you one?

because she loves them and thought I would looking forward to me moving home so she can use me as her own lifesize dress up doll.... *shrugs* its easier and generally more fun to just go with it

There is seething very sexy about being bound and used as a doll isn't there?

How did the experience turn out for you?
Please add so that I can comment on your pic.

it turns out I like being laced up :)

I would love to see your other pics.

I find it really quite erotic wearing a corset - and I wear mine all the time. I don't wear anything underneath apart from panties, and the constant hugging directly against my skin does make me very submissive as the coset holds me firmly in its grip. It's a lovely sensation.