My Tie Collection

I love to wear a tie, i buy ties on a regular basis i dont seem to be able to resist looking at them, i have never counted my collection but i must have at least 150, to wear a tie with a nice knot and a starched shirt collar gives me pleasure.
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Have you any bow ties sir? If not, you might want to start on this side of your collection. I have quite a number of them and with the exception of some formal bows in boxes (the matching cummerbunds are in a neat stack above my dress shirts and suits in the closet shelf) many of mine are not on racks (I cannot find racks to support them all) and thus I miss the opportunity to wear them since I have to rummage through the drawer of my dresser where they are stacked! I guess that is the problem here. I love being dressed up in a tux or suit with a sharp looking bow and a heavily starched French Cuff (studs with the tux shirts) on a daily basis and now that looking for work has become primary, it will be mandatory so that those who look me over know I'm serious. I agree you can never have too much in the way of neck wear but storage can bedevil you if you want to have complete access to it. So, if you want to change up your tie look, I do suggest bows, but as for storage, what would work, (besides rolling the long tie etc.) .

Wearing either a neck tie or bow tie every day is a must for me. I can't do without them.

I absolutly agree with both of you gentlemen. I have often thought that it is a shame that society has declined when it comes to the way one will dress in public. They say fashion goes full circle. I hope I live long enough to see it get back to the way it was so many decades ago.<br />
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One thing for sure ... I will be leading by example that "Casual Dress" is a sport coat and coordinating trousers and not cut off jeans and an undershirt! I will never go down that path, let them aspire to be at our level.

I could not agree more. i think we should return to a time when men took pride in their appearence.

And me as well. With so many men going casual these days, the neck tied gentleman is noticed and admired more than ever.