They Make Me Feel More Like A Woman

Tampons are called "dirty' by some

I believe they are essential,...just like men using a rubber!

When I wear a Tampon,I feel closer to womanhood

It's the last step before a sex reajustment!

Yes!..I'm wearing a tampon right now....And proud of it!
mzdivine mzdivine
4 Responses Jun 8, 2012

love tampons after my daily enema

The first time I heard of a man and his tampon was in a column "Savage Love". The guy's gf made him try it and they had sexy with it in him. My first thought was how it might make me feel more like a women, so I tried it and do use them from time to time. Just love the feeling I get from insertion to wife bending me over as she tugs on the string till I beg her to pull it out and do with her *******! BTW I'm not sure leaving it in for an extended period of time is a safe thing to do.

I have never in my life every heard anyone saying tampons are dirty unless your talking about a used one. I don't understand why your wearing one when you don't need too, seems a little bit odd to me. Seeing as you can't feel them in there when used correctly there seems little point in it. <br />
<br />
Good luck with you sex readjustment though.

I too love to wear tampons they feel soo good in I just love the feeling & it is all my secret & helps me feel more feminine too!!!