First Tampon Story

After my marriage when I git my first periods, I was a bit nervous because two of my neighbors noticed that I'm badly leaking out. The moment I came back to our bedroom, my hubby asked me "what happened to you? Why you are so nervous?" I replied that I've started with my periods. He started blushing and check my panties. But he counseled me by saying that, "Baby, its just a matter of six days, then you will be all right.

I took the tampon in my hand, and he asked to help me out. I nodded and started getting undress. Then both of us went to the bathroom and I sat on the seat. He directed me to spread my legs and I did so. He hold the shower in front of my ***** to clean it and with the help of paper napkins I cleaned it. Inserting tampon is a bit painful for me, but he made it easy that day for me. He sat on his knees and hold my waist and slowly he started inserting the tampon inside my vagina. 

It finally got fixed inside and I was all right. For the first time it was so easy for me. But then I stood up and I started having a beautiful sensation between my legs and inside my vagina. A I was walking it was inside me and the sensation was as if his penis is inside my vagina. From that day onward, whenever he is at home he helped me in changing tampon. 

- Kate
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perfect husband

Just wondering how old you were when you got married

I was 22.......why???

Another experience you and your hubby share together!

yes.......some day or the other we experience like this.....there are lot many stories.....would you love to read them????

I would love to, after all we are here to share!

exactly.......its an open forum.......whosoever is interested can share their feelings & experiences.....:)

I agree with you fully! However some people I know have had problems with others who disagreed with their opinions, and then were not polite in how they disagreed! Not everyone understands how to share their feelings in a kind way unfortunately!

yes very true.........:)

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