I Am A Catheter Addict

For those of you who have read my stories and comments, you know that I LOVE wearing  a Foley catheter and either 

a belly bag or a diaper.  I love having no control regarding peeing, and have made myself somewhat incontinent in the process.

There are sometimes when I just can't get away with wearing one, at the gym for instance, or in front of my grown children if it 

might be seen.  Anyway after a week of being unable to wear one, this morning I was able to put my beloved Foley in again.  

As I was washing myself and preparing for the insertion, I began shaking with the anticipation, much like a drug addict might.

I actually felt my craving to have my urethra stimulated, and was high from it.  I have used all sizes of Foleys and am now 

comfortably wearing a size  30 which is HUGE!  I yearned for it so badly that when I first inserted in my urethra, i just had to 

********** it a bit to satisfy my longing.  I gently pushed it in and pulled it out of my bladder, then it became faster and more

vigorous until I had an earth shattering ******!  I then inserted it fully and inflated the balloon and put on my belly bag.  I am 

now ready for my day!



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Khako, your story needs modification. You have to wear your catheter all the time, even at the gym. Your goal of permanent total incontinence is now achieved. Congratulations.

You are right Catheterfun! I now wear my beloved Foley every day, including going to the gym! I don't wear short, tight workout clothes anymore, instead I wear a long t-shirt over workout pants and no one would ever guess what I have going on down there! I even go to yoga three times a week in my Foley. I just wear a pair of Spanx over the Belly Bag and I can disguise it under just about anything.

Belly bags are sexy!

Same here! I am from Hong Kong. I use foley catheter 24/7. Normally I use 16fr, but sometimes 18fr, 20fr, 22fr & 24fr. Also with diaper. Sometime suffering, but I know.... no chance, I have to use!

I am wearing foley catheter with a ballon blocked inside. My longest time of wearing the foley was 10 days. Sometimes I put a belly bag or a legbag on my body, sometimes I control the pee with a mirovalve. I love the crazy feelings with the catheter.

Good for you, Autricheman! I love to meet other catheter lovers. Truly the sensations are all orgasmic. Leaving it in for 10 days is wonderful. Were you incontinent when you removed it?

3 1/2 days was the longest I was able to go, started to get irritating since I was moving around a lot and basically couldn't keep my hands of things, im hoping to beat my record again someday but that urge to toy with it wont let me go for more than 12 hours or so.

I think my biggest enjoyment of having a catheter is the knowing i have forced open very tight and extra sensitive muscles deep inside that cannot be reached in any other way and keep them open, the slight tingle and spikes of nerves feel just as good as an ******, i could live wide open like this forever, give it a squeeze a few times and feel the helplessness of that little muscle that has been owned and at the mercy of the catheter that has it suffering, ill never stop using these things, i rigged up a way to let gravity assisted with a little weight to self insert the cath while i lay there like a helpless first timer patient, call it perverted all you want till you try it, then relax all the muscles while it penetrates through its awesome, pull it out and do it again a few times, a buttplug or anything insertable just adds to the fury and the ****** with a cath in is extremely explosive, use caution because you will loose interest in normal sex after doing this,,just my thought. i just have this thing for being open down there. it's 30fr all week long for me.

Wow! That's the spirit!

Hey man - tried to add you, but you've got (most likely) adult filters up or otherwise blocked adds from the outside - I'm a fellow catheter user, if interested add me from your side - like your comments!!

I dont know what these settings are at i thought anyone could add to a list here but thatnk you for reading my story, it seems to inspire a lot of ppl to give it a try.

I am so pleased with my catheter that I have ordered a 24 Fr with 30 ml baloon just to help with drainage also I hope I might get a thrill from it too.

I am incontinent too I have worn diapers for ten years but last week I started to wear a foley catheter and I am finding it great my wife has also asked me to keep it in all the time I am realy thinking she might be right.<br />
I have a 18fr with a 10 ml baloon at the moment.<br />

I have started to wear my foley full time so far it has been in for three weeks and I am enjoying it my wife wants me to keep it in all the time as it saves on diapers as I am incontinent.

Hi Hud,<br />
Why don't you try working your way up to a size 30 gradually. The scary thing about bleeding is that you are more susceptible to a bladder infection.

When you ****** while wearing a catheter, the feeling is absolutely unbelievable! The spasms seem stronger and continue longer. It is just WONDERFUL!!

Can you still ********** with a catheter in? That would be my heaven, dressed in full uniform with that underneath all day.

You bet

yup - just do it slowly, gently, carefully!! Vigorous stroking with a cath in will give you a bad case of urethral abrasion &amp; irritation, and it'll BURN GOOD for a while - plus start some yucky discharge going until the irritation settles down. Wouldn't recommend it with a large cath in though - remember the force that ***** is expelled with - if the urethra is nearly fully blocked with a big cath, it can cause some complications - retrograde *********** (***** going backward into the bladder and elsewhere) the most likely. Not anything major - just a good way to start a urinary tract infection.

I was wondering, how do you feel you have made yourself incontinent?

Hi Meisha, I feel proud of my accomplishment. I LOVE having no control!

Yes, Tmmmmmmmm,<br />
I have a set of cervical dilators, and have worked my way up to a Fr 44 on a couple of occasions. My god, it feels so good! Depending on how vigorously I **********, I can make myself incontinent for a week or so!

I have been using catheters just for fun and kinky play for years, i prefer the largest i can get my hands on which has been a 30fr, i have been looking for any that are larger dose anyone know where i can get them larger than a 30?

Have you tried sounding yourself? They come in sizes up to 43Fr, possibly bigger?

havnt tried sounding yet but I have considered it, im curious if they actually reach into the bladder or not for max thrill, they are a bit pricy I noticed.

Love reading about your experiences. Have tried a few myself but, never had the opportunity to have sex with one. Catheters are such a wonderful thing.

ive been using a 30fr 30cc feels great especially when its going into my bladder.ive also been using 650 mls of saline put into my bladder and holy mackeral did i ever have an ******.if you want to try something else get a double balloon enema retention nozzle with a 350 ml bag from jorvet .make a connection to mate them together.if you do this insert the foley first so no contamination and you wont get a uti.first i start the foley solution flow very slow so you can feel it going in.i use a iv set up and some different tubing from a pet store and mate them together.when you feel like you close to getting full open up the valve on that soapy enema hang it about 3 feet over your head .i hang the saline up about5 feet over my head.then when your getting full start to manipulate your organ it wont take my to have an ******

I fluctuate between a 28 Fr and a 30Fr and wear both for extended periods. I am actually a paraplegic which has only a little control over my bladder function. I also switch between foleys and uro sheaths which is an exterior catheter similar to single use texas catheters. However, to your point, I believe you could wear your catheter both to the gym and in front of you children. simple plug the end and empty your bladder as required. You will be able to tell when you are getting full. You can buy plugs online, but I have found that the tips used on single use enema bottles, such as a fleet enema, is the perfect size. With the end plugged simple leave it tucked into your underwear. I have also started to investigate larger catheters. I have not tried to purchase them yet, but they make them up to a 37 Fr. They are used by vets on large animals.

Is it possible touse the catheter in a situation where i wear a butplug or ***** and are all mumified for an extended period wherein i use the catheter inside me to let all urine go to avoid an early sanitary stop where they have to take me out of the rubber mummification?

What an interesting topic. I had a catheter a few years ago, the exciting part was having the nurse take it out. A few years before that, my wife had to have a catheter put in her and I asked it I could watch and they let me. Never thought of it as a sex toy. I'll ask my wife if she wants to try one. For me, it just seems like a pain in the penis, but it would be fun to play with hers.

don't even need a nurse just add a little weight to it deflate the balloon and let gravity do the work.

i have tried a 22fr but not much luck, really enjoy 16fr. i hope to use the 22 fr soon. never tried a dipper, just a lag bag. you have used three, sounds different, I'll have to try two smaller one. nice talking to a pro.

Hi Khennnnnnnn,<br />
Yes, I have tried 2 catheters at a time and also 3. Once I was in a hotel in New York and inserted 3 at once. Suddenly 3 fountains were spurting pee all over the bed! I put on a diaper, leaving all three in, and slept in a nice wet bed! Ah, heaven!

Hi Jeje,<br />
Believe me it hurts way more if someone else inserts it. If you read the directions, use lubricant, and relax and take your time, you'll find it very stimulating. You really can't go wrong, it's in the urethra and there's no where else to go but to the bladder. When it's properly inserted, urine will start to flow. Push the cath in another inch or so and then inflate the balloon so it will stay put. After it's comfortably inserted, you really won't feel it that much unless you vigorously exercise. So, you can multi-task and have extraordinary ******* while you go for a walk, or dance, or run! What a clever sex toy!

i was just recently in the hospital and they had to put a cath in it kinda hurt like hell and there was 2 nurses that put it in and after it was it it felt good i liked it i would like to try to cath but idk if i would insert it right so yea

wonderful. i have had same experince have you tryed 2 at same time. 16fr/30 to full inflation. marvolus.