Catheters Should Be Permanent If Possible

Thursday, May 20, 2010 - UPDATE

It is 10:30AM here in Houston and I have had my 20 FR Foley catheter installed for 4 hours.  I have been wearing it  3 to 4 times a week for 6 to 12 hours a day for several months now.  I also wear a 24 FR catheter on occasion, but it tends to make the end of my penis quite sore after a period of time.  I love going out in public with the catheter under my clothing, but have been seeking a way to use it permanently.  This has proved very difficult as my wife is completely against any activity that could be considered fetish-related and the drainage bag is painfully obvious.

Yesterday, I was out and about seeking a solution to my dilemna.  I have found that the little blue clips that come with the drainage bags do not completely stop the flow.  Neither do the miniature alligator clips that I purchased at the local hardware store.  Upon my return home I accidentally came  upon the perfect solution to wearing the catheter unobtrusively on a permanent basis as I desire.  The junk drawer in our kitchen contained some batteries, both AA and AAA.  When I disconnected the 1000ML drainage bag I found that the AAA batteries were a perfect fit for blocking the drain line.  In addition, the slight weight of the battery provides additional sensation for the head of my penis as it swings under my clothing.  I can now control both my fluid intake and output.  I am dependent only upon the amount of bladder pressure that I can personally bear.  The first 4 hours today have already taught me that I can bear quite a bit and has produced ecstatic sensations at the tip of my penis, including causing erections.  I still have the desired effect of lack of control over my bladder flow, but the increased knowledge of my pain and pleasure sensations that result are incredible.

I can now wear the Foley's permanently without anyone other than my friends here knowing.  How fabulous is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try to update this story more frequently to let you know about any effects on permanent bladder control or loss thereof.  I wouldn't mind that, but unlike many of you, I don't know  that I am prepared to do the diaper or Depends route since that would be obvious to my immediate family and our doctor if bladder control is lost.  Oh well, that will have to be the subject of a future update.

It is about Noon CDT here in Houston on Friday, April 3, 2009.  This makes 4 days out of 5 this work week that I have pulled out of my driveway, installed my size 18 Foley catheter with a 2000ML collection bag.  I usually drink at least 2 large cups of coffee before leaving home so that the flow is immediate.

I love the sensation that the catheter gives me at the end of my penis, either flowing or knowing that I lack control of the flow.

Many days I wear the catheter from about 7:30AM until just before arriving home at 6:30PM

The little white loops hook neatly under my belt and are barely visible.  In addition, I love to go to our smoking area and know that no one else is aware of my fetish.  I would love to share it with someone, but so far have not.

In previous sessions I have actually *********** while wearing the catheter and the feel of the *** flowing out of the end of my penis around the catheter tube is just heavenly.

Finally, about 3 weeks ago I added 4 frenum ladder piercings and now I can play with the end of the catheter and the piercing and itensify my daily experience.

I just wish I could wear the catheter on an extended basis, but personal circumstances dictate that I can not.

I look forward to hearing replies to this posting or establishing direct contacts with fellow catheter fetishists, male or female, at my mummycast51 email address at yahoo.



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4 Responses May 20, 2010

Dave its been a while since you posted.. would love to hear an update. Are you able to wear full tmei now? Whats the longest you have had one in? What size are you using?

I haven't been to the experience project in a very long time. I have slowly increased the size up to a 24FR catheter. I have also progressed to where I combine the catheter with a small steel chastity cage. So far my record is 9 1/2 days of 24/7 usage. I have a gmail account with the same username if you would like to reply there.


Yes.... yes yes... lots of fun with the Catheters... I started with a 16, and got up to a size 24. it looked kinda huge coming out of there... but I've read of other people using a 30 and then, having two and three catheters inserted at once! ... wow... that would take some getting used to. I was concerned after a while about the incontinence thing, and along with getting a girl friend who wasn't into that sort of thing ... I faded out of playing with catheters. But that girlfriend is gone, and so is my most current wife, so, now I might get back into catheter play a bit... I remember lots of fun ... intense ******* while the smaller cath's were in place, but when I had one of the larger ones in, I saw some pinkish color in the come one time ... I used to put a condom over myself, with the cath tube doubled back, down my p3nis and coming out the bottom of the condom at the ba<x>se of my p3nis... yes it is a real kick to have a tube going up your urethra, and into the bladder... and pumping up the balloon inside the bladder... one time I didn't have it quite in far enough, and yeoooow ... a strange pain... yes, it is an addicting high that you get when playing with a catheter ...

i want to get "And you don't get one of the major benefits to catheterization - restful uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours a night." that is one reason im trying to get to 24/7.

It's too bad that your wife is so unyielding. Are you sure you can't approach her again?<br />
I was sure my wife would not accept my desire for catheterization, but her initial hesitant acceptance has led to some rather unexpected benefits to our relationship.<br />
I wear my catheter 24/7 for 2-3 weeks and appreciate it in all the time. It's got to be hard on you with so many insertions/removals per week. Have you had problems with UTI’s ? – as the main source of infection is a new insertion. <br />
And you don't get one of the major benefits to catheterization - restful uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours a night.<br />
I also have a piercing – an apadravya – which actually is an inconvenience with a catheter as it interferes with the catheter tube itself. Does your wife like the frenum piercings? I had a single frenum for a while but my wife liked my P.A. way better (which eventually led to getting an apadravya, which she liked even more).