Love Like Need

What can I say, most days, I love the feeling of wearing a cath Or maybe it is the feeling that results from wearing a cath, since I don't really feel the cath itself. The warm wet trickle of pleasure across my *****. The feeling of no control over my most private bodily function. The rush from secretly breaking one of societies most taboo rules. I don't wear one everyday and on most days I would trade all the caths in the world just to be rendered totally and forever incontinent. And then other days (though far less common), I wonder what I was thinking to ever even consider such a desire. But....most days, the desire to be able to wake and be wet, or the desire to not have these horrid stomach cramps and back pains, or the loss of control, or one of the 100 other pro reasons allows me to justify the overwhelming urge to put a catheter in and a diaper on and just lay back and enjoy.
Meisha004 Meisha004
36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Don't feel bad about your desire. If it feels good, do it. My fantasy would be to have a double-ended cath, so that we could connect our bladders together. You could sit slightly above me and gravity would cause your warm pee to flow into my bladder. I would the have part of you inside me, and I'd hold it in until I was ready to burst. Then I'd lay back and squirt your golden urine up onto my face and chest.


Brava just be you, and be happy