Urinary Catheter And Bondage

I have fantasized about a master who inserts a catheter into my tiny bladder and fills it up. Then he clamps off the catheter. I'm so desperate to pee, but I can't even let a single drop of pee out. No peeing. Period.

I'll be squirming and begging him for mercy, as I am about to explode. But he'll simply tie me up and say: "this is bladder training. If you behave, I may let you pee a little bit." And this goes on and on. Every now and then, my master will unlock the catheter and let my aching bladder have a tiny bit of relief, but only a few seconds. Then it's shut off and clamped back on. And a tight fitting chastity belt is locked in place too, for security. So even though I have earned a potty break, my bladder is still full.
aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 2 Responses Aug 24, 2010

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Wow, studying to become a urologist! Fascinating! Let me be your first "patient." I love the idea of extreme bladder training. You've apparently got creative ideas.

Wow! Could be a very interesting game. But once shut I won't let a sigle drop out of you until your bladder is visibly spasming. You would be so delightfully overfilled and accustomed to pain that you will pray me not to open it anymore.

ps: I'm studying to become urologist. Who know, maybe one day I could test it with someone addicted to holding plesures