Lots Of Foley Catheter Play!

:) ... I enjoyed quite a bit of catheter play ... I used Foley catheters ... wow... just thinking about it, makes me excited. I got really good at inserting the catheters. I started with what size they suggested, and gradually worked up to a larger and larger size... I think 24 was the largest I got to, then, for some reason, I faded out of that phase of my catheter play... I think I got a girlfriend, and didn't think she'd enjoy that sort of thing, so ... I got distracted from the catheter play and just never went back to it YET!!! I think I might have worn the catheters for a maximum of ...over-the-weekend, taking them out in time to go to work on Monday's... Often I'd just drink more and more fluids ... Rum, water and more Rum and more water ... just urinating as the bladder got full... hung a collection bag by my bed, and somehow managed to sleep without rolling around too much?!!! I'd wake up with a full collection bag by my bedside. The reason I kept upsizing the catheter is because I found when I had the cath clamped off, so the bladder wouldn't drain, there would be some leakage around the catheter tube coming out of me, as my bladder became over filled... so I wanted something that would totally block any leakage. I also *********** while the catheter was in place... first time with one of the smaller sized catheters (16 or 18, I think... it's been about 10 years since I've played with catheters, but I have lots of pic's I took! ... and had lots of fun... over a period of months!) ... and that orga$m was astounding... I had place a condom over my p3nis, with the catheter doubled back over my p3nis, and so, when I came, the fluid filled the end of the condom, and it was mind blowing, and ... then I *********** again when I had a larger size catheter inserted, and some pinkish colored come came out ... which told me ... ooops ... something was not quite right... so, I didn't do that anymore. I can remember times when the bag level was not high enough and, by moving around, I ended up getting air in my bladder (something they say NOT to let happen), and then lots of bubbles came out of the catheter... you could see the urine going through the clear tubing into the collection bag. It got so that the first thing I'd do when I got home from work, was to insert the catheter! ... until the next morning when I'd remove it when getting ready for work! ... Lots of fun... there is a very arousing sensation when something is inserted into the p3nis!!! I now have a Stainless Steel Chastity Belt on, and it has a hole in the end of the steel p3nis tube that is large enough to accept a catheter. I've considered getting some catheters and playing with them, while locked inside this chastity belt... I'd have to work out how to clamp the catheter tube if I were to go out into public ... I had always used a pair of surgical clamps to clamp off the catheter tube, to stop the flow of urine out of my bladder ... I suppose I could curve it up and around my chastity belt, wear some underwear over the belt, to hold the clamp and cath tubing in place... it's difficult sometimes to know if you have to urinate after wearing a catheter for extended periods of time ... I think that may have been another reason I stopped playing with catheters. oh well... it was great fun, and it's good to hear others are enjoying it!
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Interesting, For me with a real bladder problem I still like to play catheter. Possibly there is a cure for my problem but I am deturmoned to use a catheter to handle the problem for a while. For me there is no waiting to get home and put a catheter in for the night. Just now I am sceaming about getting a catheter to carry for a month and maybe three months. Some day I have a plan to go a full year using a plug to keep my bladder from shrinking. As for the jerkoff with the catheter in place. This is best done after ten days of continous catheter carrying. When I did that with out much catheter expireance I really got sore and had burning after going #1 but after I got my urethra conditioned only the good feeling was left. Now about that one with three catheters at the same time they must leak in between. This i do not recomend but in place of that I have been looking for a source of vetrenary catheters like the one that I chanced across #36 and longer than our standard toy. When I went out I used an alpine leg bag with the hanging loops at the sides of the bag. Got all the air out so no sloshing noise. Went 32 days one time but now going to present my doctor with a cover story so that I get a catheter on the record.

i can only get in 6 to 8" then i come and pull out .

!!? You mean that just by inserting the catheter 6-8 inches not your urethra makes you ***???!

hi ! yes ! don't know if it's just the excitment or feel . :-)

i don tknow i fi woulde like cath play i had one in me in hospital it hurt goig in an going out an not comfortable when in<br />
never try penis plug but have taken my temperture in my penis

I can understand why you would not think you would like catheter play if you got hurt while having one put in while in the hospital... after all, they should certainly know how to do it, right??? I've watched a number of video's showing how to insert catheters, and some of the videos certainly look as though the nurse isn't very concerned with the comfort of the patient (even though all of the videos now are with dummies ... back a few years ... maybe back about 2002 or so... I did see some done with real live male "patients", so, it was more realistic --of course--- now they just don't seem to want to show real people on the internet so much ... so much censorship ...bummer) . I think if you had had a more "gentle" catheterization, by someone who was more concerned with your comfort and safety ... you might be more inclined to try catheter play. I had never had a catheter until I bought some, and put them in myself. I had read all the "warnings" by nurses and other people that you should not do that yourself, as you aren't in a sterile environment, and so on and so on. But, I had some sterilizing liquid and was careful enough that I never had any problems, and I did a lot of in/out of the catheters... for ... I don't know how long... maybe a year? ... I was putting one in almost every night after work, and removing it before work the next day. I don't think I ever left them in during a work day... although I did go out into the public quite a bit while still having the catheters inside me. It was weird to go to the men's room, and go into a stall so I could open my pants, and drain my bladder, pointing the catheter tube into the toilet ... but ... it was fun! ... I got a kick out of it. While I was using the smallest 16FR catheter that I started out with, I found that if I let my bladder get too full, and too much pressure, urine would actually leak out around the tube, so I got excited about the idea of getting larger sized catheters... then, I went to larger and larger catheters, until I got to 24FR, and then, I decided that was maybe just a bit too large for me at the time. But, certainly no leakage when the larger catheters were in place! That is also when I had some pinkish c^m come out when I jerked off with the catheter inside me... I'd jerked off with the smaller catheter, and the c^m came out normal whitish ... and .. wow ... what a rush to c^m with a catheter inside me! but it sorta scared me when I saw the pinkish color with that 24FR catheter in me when I came that time... but it felt absolutely terrific! ... oh my ... yes yes yes... OH WOW ... got me feeling like I want to be getting some more catheters... hmmmm???
I would think that if the catheter hurt while it was going into your p3nis, someone didn't get enough lube onto the catheter? You don't have any injury to your urethra, do you? I would guess (from my experience) that if your p3nis and urethra and everything in there is healthy, AND you were lying down and relaxed, AND they put adequate lubrication onto the catheter, it should have gone in nicely. I found that what worked best for me was to use a syringe to squirt a bit of lube into my p3nis, and then, with a bit of lube on the catheter, SLOWLY work the catheter into my p3nis. I would previously drink enough liquids so that I would need to urinate, and as soon as the catheter entered the bladder, urine would begin to flow from the catheter, at which time I would clamp off the catheter so I didn't have the urine flowing, while I would insert the catheter another inch or so, and then inflate the balloon ...slowly and carefully, being sure that there was no pain (which happened ONE time... indicating to me that the balloon portion of the catheter was still in the urethra ... so, I immediately deflated the balloon, and caught my breath (as it was a very deep and intense sort of pain when the balloon was inflating while not yet in the bladder), and then I made sure I had the catheter inserted a bit further into me, and began inflating the balloon again... this time .. all was well, and I believe I simply lay there, and relaxed, catching my breath and enjoying the sensation of having that tube and balloon inside my body. ... hmmm those were some fun times ... ONLY ONE TIME, did I try to re-insert a catheter... right after I had just removed it... I tried to re-insert the catheter while standing up ... I had some painful sensations, and very quickly decided that trying to insert a catheter while standing was NOT a good idea.. I lay down on the floor, and had no problem inserting the catheter. So I never tried to insert a catheter in any position but lying down on the floor. I think most of the time, I lay on my back while inserting the cath's.

hi Bob i too used to be into catheter play.its been eight years but i have decided to try it again.

... :) ... yep ... sounds like a good idea ... I know that when I did do catheter play, it was an all-consuming thing... it was about all I thought of .. always either with a catheter in me, or just waiting until I could get home from work and get another catheter into my penis and bladder... I enjoyed it ... so very much. The largest one I used (24Fr) ... was almost scary to me... but after hearing that some people have put 3 cath's into their penis at one time ...!!! wow...

Instead of trying to clamp the tube why not just use a plug. They can be bought for less than a buck and you don't have to worry about the showing or falling off. Better yet just use a leg bag. Nothing like the complete loss of control.