Cathed The Other Day

Did my first catheter in a long long time. Forgot how weird it is to not be able to control the most simplest things once that is in.

I am also into wearing rec fiberglass casts. put myself into a big cast that covered from toes to mid rib cage... not getting up to pee in that so popped in a silicon foley. Great feeling no burning on its way in. Only pain was from the tip of penis if there was and pull or movement of the tube.

I do have pictures if anyone interested. plan on doing an other in a few weeks.
crestron11 crestron11
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

You can get the bags in a drug store. Perhaps not a Walgreens or CVS, but if there's a medical supply store or private drug store nearby, or even the pharmacy in your local hospital might have them to buy.
I love the thought of casts and catheters too, but have yet to be able to experience the pleasure.