Hi Im Tonya 31 Bbw With A Sever Restricted Urine Flow

I always sufferd night time accidents with urine lose as a child and adult. When I was pregnate for my only child. I had many uti and restriction trouble because my lil one sat on my bladder and pushed on my bladder neck. I was told if I dont deliver my Son by 30 wks it would 90% for sure cause permint damage to by bladder an muscles. For me 30 wks is to young to risk. I carried to 38 3/4 wk and had my lil man. And lets just say after a few dilations and foley caths Im still only a 8f 3cc foley cath size. Im 24/7. 8f 3cc all silocine foley cath with a diaper with a no flow back on cath end. Because its a short size and im 290lbs a diaper and lots of ky jelly are my only way in 7 yrs to pervent no pull or tug on foley cath to pervent any more damage or stricture trouble. Over the yrs I have become to enjoy a foley cath and look at it as if its normal and that I very much enjoy sex and othert things just the same if not even more. A tiny lil pull and a caped full bladder for sex is so awsome it makes me wet to think about. :-)
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I use a lot of KY so the 14fr catheter goes in very easy.
most of the time I use leg or bed bags but I also like to wear a diaper.

Yes its all one can do in life Ty for the email:-)

Would you mind if I added you as a friend?

Wow, sounds like you have made the best out of the situation.