Not A Wearer Fan But Love My Women To Wear It.

I never wore angora, or should I say I tried it along time ago and just felt ridiculous.  To correctly put it, I love women who wear it.  Every mate I have ever had has a collection of them that she will wear to bed.  We always had some for her to wear to bed and some to wear out in public.  Sooner or later the ones that were to wear in public would get semenized.  LOL...thats what I call it, semenized.  I always satisfied my angora girls so that when it was my turn I got to *** where ever I wanted. 

 I am surprised that with all of the stories about this subject that there aren't more stories about straight sex and women wearing angora during sex.  It always is in some sort of wierd fashion that this subject is talked about.  I am open minded and to each his own really, but I just am surprised that I seldom here of anyone humping a womens back that is wearing soft angora, and or humping between her breast when she has her favorite turtleneck of 80% angora on and ******* all over her collar.  As many times as I have done both I find it hard to believe others havent. 

Those are the kinds of stories that I can share and will in the forum in hopes of hearing about others in a boy meets angora girl format.

Talk to you later.

pswcne pswcne
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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I am also a fan of angora sweaters or any thing angora I wear it my wife wears it I am also a big time fan of wearing womens panties,bras and lingerie.My wife and I went out a while back on my Harley with me wearing white satin and lace panties with matching cami and a home knit 100% white angora sweater.we rode stoped to eat and went to a bar for some drinks the women all wanted to touch and feel me and my wife just laughed.It was great and felt great.I also have som 80% angora shorts I like to wear to bed and screw around in oh that is wonderful

pswcne - I have noticed the same thing. I am a straight man, and I always find it strange that too many guys aren't obsessed with women wearing angora. I always buy my wife of 10 years angora sweaters, dresses, etc. She is somewhat hesitant sometimes, but for the most part she is cool with it. She lets me hump her back (great ***), and gives me a hand job with a fuzzy every once in a while. Needless to say, I am hooked and obsessed - almost to a fault.. Nothing better - love it

I know what you mean but where else can men who like to wear angora talk about it? I've noticed there is no **** DVD's containing women wearing it. I wonder why? Have you found any? Sounds like you have a healthy sex life so u probably don't bother with ****. I've bought my wife angora but she never wears it :-(