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I grew up in France and my mum always encouraged me towards artistic activities. I was always rather shy and reserved and never into sports so my mum signed me up first for gymastics classes and then ballet. My gymastics teacher suggested ballet to improve my coordination and because she thought I had the right body for ballet. I was therefore taken to the local dance conservatoire for an audition. Not really knowing what the right attire for the audition was, my mum had packed a tee shirt, my gym shoes and a pair of my sister's black tights because she knew that in ballets boys wore tights. The audition went well and I was made to stand in all the ballet positions slightly embarassed as being the only boy in the audition being around so many girls all wearing pink leotard, tights and ballet shoes. I was accepted into the school and I was told I woudl have wearing the ballet uniform of the school which onsisted of a white ballet boy's leotard, grey ballet tights, flesh support and grey ballet shoes. I loved ballet so much because I could explore my feminine side and because it was really beautiful and soft. As I progressed into ballet, I got all kind of tights for class and performance and I enjoy wearing the tights because they feel soft.
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What happened during your gymnastics classes?

Mmm....boys in leotards are ccute.............How did your gymnastics classes go? Did you wear leotards there as well?
I'd love to hear an experience about them.

That's great! How did it go in your gclasses?

Outstanding story. Thanks for sharing!

tried to add you as a friend

Has anyone worn latex rubber tights for ballet. I recall seeing a boy od about 15 dressed in pink rubber leotard and tights by his mother. He was swooning from the heat and constriction.

I'm sure you are not the only male to have been sent to ballet class wearing a pair of their sister's or their mum's tights and been embarrasssed by how much they showed underneath. Perhaps that was part of the excitement. I loved wearing my older sister's tights.

There is something so sissy yet exciting about wearing your sister's tights to ballet. I prefer to wear ladies ballet tights to ballet class.

My mother also made me wear a pair of my sister's black tights when I started ballet classes. I quickly came to love wearing girls tights.