Little Embarrased In Tights

I take ballet lessons in a small ballet academy. I am in the 'senior/advanced girls class' and I have a fantastic group of female friends from my class. They all know that I am gay and they treat me like one of their girlfriends which is great. Anyway One of the girls was getting married and she wanted her ballet friends to give a small performance at the wedding which I think was a lovely idea and the one I would recommand as the guest really enjoyed it. Our teacher had choregraphed a nice piece of neo classical ballet for the girls and me and I was made to dance exactly like the girls. Anyway on the day of the wedding we got there and we found the changing room which I shared with the girls. We had been told not to worry about the costume, the girls had been told their tutus would be there and they should just bring their ballet shoes, tights, makeup bag and hair pins and I had been told just to bring my ballet shoes and makeup bag. We started changing , make up done, getting all excited at the performance, the girls putting their tights and tutus and me reaching for my white ballet shirt and the package containing my white tights. What I did not realised when I started putting on my tights was that they were girls' tights really thin, silky and see-throught and my dance belt was clearly visible under the tights. I could hear the girls giggling as I stood there and they told me not to worry about it. Anyyway I had to dance in front of an audience wearing a pair of very thin white tights and that was slightly embarrasing
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No need to feel embarrassed. Ballet is a beautiful art form that truly displays human expression. It's a great story, you did what you love, being there out of love, and you had fun doing it.

Did yoiu ever try gymnastics? I bet you loved it if you did. Guys wear leotards and tights there tooo!

I've joined an adult beginners ballet class and I always wear womens ballet tights and leotards to class. I prefer the feel. Women's ballet tights are sifter and nicer than mens.

I have several pairs in white, cream and pink as well as three or four leotards in different colours.



Why ever do you think that would be outrageous?

I practice ballet also and I love wearing tights and leotards as well. I prefer thong leotards and I really enjoy when my women friends in my class look at me and say that my leotards are cute! I would love to have a tutu but obviously that would be too much...By the way, your profile picture is you in pointe-shoes? I think your feet look lovely!

I bet you looked adorable!

You are a performer and should not feel embarrassed over wardrobe

lovely story.I love wearing womens ballet tights and wear one pair of womensblack ballet tights over pair of sherr black tights to ballet class

I am sure you were very cute. Did your boy friend get to see dance?

You are so hot!!!

I love girls ballet tights, they are as you say thinner than a guys tights, but they are so much more sexier to wear!

I bet you looked truly lovely in them. I wish I had been there with a pair for myself!

Wearing girls ballet tights with no dance belt is so sensual, especially when enjoying the moment with a lovely gay guy!

(I'm rocvk hard thinking about you in those tights!!)

Lots of love


I'd love to hear more stories about dancing in super thin sheer tights with a stiff lil hardon WITHOUT a dance belt. I think that would be so sexy to watch. & dance it of course haha