I Love Wearing Ballet Tights

I love ballet tights and wear them not just for ballet and dance but to work on occasions and when out socialising.I think its great to hear from males leaning ballet who recognise the importance of wearing tights to class.For me a male dancer in black tights looks great.

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I love looking at beautiful male dancers in white tights.

I adore the way tights create that lovely cravass between a guy's butt cheeks. Just makes me want to run my tongue through it.


You said it, sister....er, brother. ;)

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when I was 9years old. i had a passion for ballet but both of my perents where against me doing it so i missed out now it wasnt untill i saw the film billy elliott in 2000that drove me into wanting to do ballet again now at the age of 30 years old after cheeking out some ballet classes for adults i have finaly found one i like i was scared at first cos haveing to wear a padded dancebelt support cup thong Leotard footed tights and ballet shoes and being the only boy learning ballet in a class of 13 or more women in the class! To my suprise everyone is really nice and encouraging to me.the ballet teacher is a lovely woman, The women in my class seem to like having a male in the class.After a few weeks of attending class i got used to wearing a padded dancebelt support cup thong leotard footed tights and ballet shoes into class and the women always smile when i walk in the room I'd never experienced anythink like it before. I love and enjoy ballet

sounds hot!
I want to do ballet in tights and a leotard as a girl...