Step-sisters Bikini's

I was going throught some old box's of mine and found a few pairs of mine and my step-sisters bikini panties that we use to wear so i took them back in the house and tried them on will i guess time does catch up with you at some point in life but i did like those days when me and my step-sister would run around the house in just are panties and bra's(she let me wear her's until i could go out and get my own) i just hated wear my boy stuff the girl stuff was so much better and it fit me good too.
Yea Bikini's back in the day where great and still are in fact i have a pair on right now white string Bikini's from Warner and i just"LOVE THEM"......
Robynlynn Robynlynn
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Lucky to have a stepsister to give you those items. Did she dress you also?

At first she did, but then i did my own make up, picked out my outfits we went shopping together it was a great time, we had fun!!

Lucky girl,to have her. Do you still go shopping with her?

No haven't seen my step sister in about she live on the other side of the states, talk now and then but that's about it :(

That sucks, maybe a road trip should happen and you go visit her

No to close to the holiday maybe :(

Why can't you go on the weekend? How long of a drive?

Work to much i only have one day off and that's sunday and you know what i like to do on sunday's :) and that's dress up :)

And be the girl that you are

Nope not going to happen you work 6 to7 days a week need me time and that's girly girl time♡♡♡♡

I can surely understand your situation.

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