Mikonos Island

This story happens around 8 years ago.
I was participating in an international conference of the company where I was working by these days and the conference took place at Allasio, a small city at the north west of Italy near to San Remo at a beautiful Hotel near the beach.
The group of people were around 100 beeing almost all of them men and from many countries including americans, europeans,japanese, mexicans, chileans and a number of Asian people.
We stay there for around 10 days, so we make new friends and tried to speak italian with local people which was very funny.
I made a friendship with a southafrican, since we had many things in common and he was like me, liked jokes and when we have free time we go to a bar near the hotel.
When we were ending our stay there, he tell me that he was going to visit Athens for 3 or 4 days and asked me if I had been there.  When I said no, he said that he had 2 tickets because a friend of him couldnt go and I could use that ticket.
I thought for a second and said yes and after that he was very happy for that and say that it will be very pleasant days. He had hotel reserves for  4 nights and were already paid.
At the end of conference, we went to Rome and had to be there for one night, so we take our room and went out for shopping.
Tony ( his name ) ask me to go with him to a shop of very special intime
clothes and tell that were a gift for his sister. At the shop we were making jokes for some lingerie which could we wear.
The 2 following days we visited many interesting places, buildings and the second night Tony said me that he had bought tickets to go by ship to Mikonos Island and he invited me.  I said yes asking for my part of expenses, but he said that was already paid and you can pay other things.
The day after we went to the ship and stay at our room resting for 2 or 3 hours and I think I slept for a while, since when I go out to walk and look to the sea, I heard a voice coming from the pool  and a saw a beautiful blonde dressed with a swimsuit and sandals and drinking something.
Nicky....come hear she said and in that moment I see her face which was very familiar to me....wow.......she was Tony. She reached me a glass with
vodka and ice and continued laughing...I drunk the vodka and asked another....What happens to you I said.....she took my face with her hand and say me......dont worry Nicky....I have drink 3 whiskeys and I felt that
was time to show u who I am...how do you find me...Say something,,,we are friends....saying that ....he put her face in my shoulder and continue....
Nicky...  I have been here many times....I have friends in the Island....I crossdress now and then, which makes me very happy (  At  this time I had drunk my second vodka and was drinking a third ) and finally I think we can be very good friends because you understand me.  Oh...another last thing...I am rich...my parents really.....so you dont need pay nothing...all expenses are covered.
Well...now say something.......I was very surprised, but the third vodka makes me more permissive and ready to understand many things, so I said
Its ok and you loke very pretty, but I do not take party on this....I am a straight man.....ok said Tony or Antoinette ( Such is my name here ) and went to pool to swim.
I stayed there drinking a fourth vodka and thinking in these days on the Island.
Later on, we arrived to the Island ( Me drunked ) and Antoinette with new woman clothes, hich heel sandals, a short skirt, a yellow top and nice accessories.....she was the perfect girl.....As we walked in the island I saw
that some people were in charge of our bags and she said that they will
order our clothes.
The Island was a dream, with white houses and many places to sing, dance,drink and stay with other people.. I saw many of them talking very near to toni and giving her kisses and beeing happy with her ( they call me toni she said me..they are good people. )

Toni invite me to go to our hotel if a want to rest for a moment and as I was a litle tired we went there and I found it very nice with many services, pools, places to play tennis etc and our room had  a private  garden.

I went to the bath room and stay there for a few minutes. When I came back I found Toni still with high heel sandals and only a panti ( one of those for her sister ) and looked very sweet and pretty.  I felt my ***** very hard
and had to lower them with my hands. Toni said......Nicky darling ...we have a party tonight....there are many friends of mine that  you have to meet. We have 2 hours and I want you to see as the gentleman as u are.  I will go to
order my hair and face and also have a massage...will comeback for you at

I was almost sleeping and wake up at 7 a half, took a shower and shave and I was ready when Toni came.   She was wonderful, a queen so I said something like  Wow I am surprised..you ......then she kiss me in my mouth and said: I am not your girl...you will meet many beautiful ladies tonight.

We went to a nice restaurant and all the friens of Toni were there...beautiful
women and many nice young men, all of them between 20 and 30 years. I met many of them and after a vert good dinner, some glasses of wine, some champagne, fruits etc one man started to play guitar and singing many known songs.
Toni was very pleasant and at my side was sat  a young woman which name was Marly...she was studying languages a spoke French, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian a was extremely pretty.  After many songs, she take my hand and offered her for a kiss.  I kiss her many times and she touch me my **** with both hands and I made same with her ****,while we were at a balcony looking the sea. I felt drunk again and asked Toni to go and she ask me to go with Marly, who knew where we stayed.
We went to the hotel and in the way we took each other many times. As arrived to the hotel Marly go inside our bedroom and started to undress each other.

In that moment she said that she cannot receive me in her ***** and we must do it anal.  As I was I accepted and in a few moments we were ******* with her legs on my shoulders. We did it twice and when we finished, she asked me to turn puttting my face against the pillow. She opened my legs and introduced a finger inmy *******.  I felt soft and very comfortable, so I didnot claim when I felt another finger which seems lubricated and after that I thought thatt she had a *****.... but was not a *****, was a ****.
At that moment I tried to claim, but Marly kiss me the back part of my neck and calm me saying that was going to be very soft.... I felt the big **** in my *** and realized that it was very pleasant...going up and down many times
and I started to come....she came it seems a big quantity  of *** and all my *** full of it.  I turned again and she kissed me, giving me her **** to suck.
Marly ****** me 2 or 3 times more and left me saying ...I will see tomorrow sweetie.....
When Toni and me take back the ship to Pireus I was dressed with women dresses that she had buyed for me including high heels sandals, miniskirt and makeup......I remember Mikonos.......very sweet experience

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Oh my goodness! That was a very sexy story! You must tell more! I'm a fan!

Hi sweetheart...I love u......your message makes me happy.....I will tell you more soon....kisses and kisses