Last Night

I am a cd who started dressing at about 5 or 6 and I love pantyhose. Until last night I had never worn a body stocking. Last week I was ordering some lingerie on-line and decided to order a black opaque long sleeve body stocking. It arrived yesterday and I was excited all day anticipating getting home and putting it on. Arriving home I checked EP then poured my self a drink. I drew a bath and soaked in warm bath oil and drank my drink. Finishing the drink I shave my body so it’s nice and smooth. After drying off I applied lotion and pulled on a pink thong, a short silky robe and sat down to put on a little make. Finishing my makeup with a cheery red lipstick it was time for the body stocking. As I pulled it up my legs it felt wonderful. The sensations were overwhelming when I had the body stocking completely on. I began running my hands over my nylon covered body. I was so turned on and the feeling of nylon over my whole body so sexy that I had an ****** in my thong.  As I lay there I wondered why I hadn’t bought one of these before. I will defiantly be buying more body stockings soon. 
LoniCD LoniCD
5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I have a few myself. I make my own if my store bought ones are all in the hamper.

There are plenty of great bodystocking choices on ebay. I love wearing them. They look and feel so sexy and sensual.

Can anyone recommend a style and brand.

I have one that I bought, so I could look like Cher on stage.

I'm gonna have to get one!