I Love Wearing Bodysuits

I have worn bodysuits for as long as I can remember. I prefer the bodysuits in all nylon that have lots of stretch.  You can just step into them and pull them up.  The ones with a less stretchy neck  have snaps at the crotch but seem not to stretch enough in the torso to snap them comfortably,

I've ordered several that just didn't fit right.  So I had a local lady make me some in long and short sleeve from very stretchy lycra/nylon fabric.  Those are so fun to wear.

Another story mentioned that the body suits came out in the 70's.  That's about right.  Now it's more difficult to find them.  Every once in a while I'll see one online or in a catalog.  Then it's time to take a closer look. 
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

All Bodysuits Have Snaps At The Crotch. If Does Not It Is A LEOTARD. Leotards Don't Have Snaps.