I Want To Wear The Kind Of Underwear You Do Dad

It was the end of my 13th summer and Dad took me out shopping for school clothes. This was a fairly easy project each year as the private school I went to had a uniform that needed to worn daily. He located a salesman that worked in that department and asked his assistance in locating the blazers, trousers and shirts I needed in my size. After we had walked around and gathered these items Dad told the salesman that I would need new underwear as well. The man brought dad and I over to the underwear department and picked out a couple packages of white briefs. I looked up sheepishly at dad and he looked back at me and asked "what?" I leaned over to him and said "I want to wear the kind of underwear that you wear dad." He thought for a moment then turned back to the salesman and told him that at my age perhaps boxer shorts and undershirts would be a better choice. The salesman put the briefs back.  Dad picked out a couple of packages of  boxer shorts and sleeveless undershirts and handed them to the salesman.  The salesman gathered together everything and rang up our purchases.

Back home I could not wait to try on the new underwear. I put on the new school clothes over them and went downstairs to show dad. He complemented me on how handsome I looked and reached over and adjusted my necktie. We never talked about the underwear but down deep inside myself I felt less like a boy and more like a man wearing underwear just like dad's.
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I grew up wearing white briefs until I went to the army. At the time, they issued white baggy boxer shorts. I just looked at them when they threw me a pair and said to put them on. However, after eight weeks of basic training, I was hooked. I came home and threw away all my tightie whities and have been a boxer man ever since. Love boxer shorts!

Very touching story. My father always wore boxer shorts, but my mother bought our clothes and she purchased briefs. It wasn't until high school when I started buying my own clothes and it has been boxer shorts ever since. Would have loved to have a relationship with my father like yours.

I think it is important for fathers to play a strong role in guiding a boy and where he goes in life. This includes so many things. Clothing is not the most important thing in life, but it represents an impression for a boy and who he is.

Great story. For me, my dad just bought them, and I started wearing them at about 12 or 13. My dad kind of dictated what I wore, and this included boxer shorts when I was a "man" and long underwear when it was winter.

Great story! I'd been sneaking my dad's Jockey and Munsingwear print boxers to wear for a couple years, and enjoyed some of my great grandad's pastel yoke-front Munsingwear boxers and a-shirts that landed next to my room in the basement when we got a chest of drawers from his place. It was just rags to my mom, but a treasure trove for me. I finally talked my mom into getting me some print boxers when I was about 12, against her better judgement ("too hot, and kids will make fun of you") which was all true, but I was a big kid and could take care of myself. Most all kids in Denver in the 1960's and 70's wore white briefs and white crewneck t-shirts, untucked - as did most of their dads. Now the grandads, they usually wore baggy pastel or print boxers, usually with a white a-shirt tucked in - and weren't afraid to show off their boxers billowing out over the top of their khaki trousers as they did yardwork, or whatever. Great to see!

Very good experience. Thanking you for relating it.

Beautiful story! I wish I had that kind of relationship with my Dad. Like you, I couldn't wait to grow up and wear boxers and sleeveless undershirts, but my inspiration came from elsewhere.

Great story...brings back memories and fantasies of picking out boxers for young guys...matching boxers for dad and son.

What a wonderful moment between a dad and his son. Very nice.

heart warming.