The Switch

In Junior High, I decided I had had enough with the briefs. My dad had alway worn boxers. I used to sneak his all the time. I would even sleep in his and wear them under my clothes even though they were a little to big. I started wearing them to school. I was working and buying my own clothes. It was easy to keep wearing his boxers since the laundry was in the basement and thats were my room was. Finally I ordered my own from the Montgomery Ward catalog and then went to KMart and bought some there too. Never wore another pair of briefs again. Even with sport activities, I wont put a jock strap on. I would rather take the punishment, then wear something restrictive. I made sure when my boys were born, that they never had to experience something like briefs. They started right out with boxers. Izod makes the most comfortable loose fitting boxers. They are great.
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I totaly agree. I made the switch much later in life than you did but LOVE my baggy boxers. As for jockstraps, I am a recent convert to commando workouts and freedom never felt so good as now!

I was 13 and in the 8th grade when a lot of the other boys started wearing boxers. I bought some myself and have been wearing them ever since. I do usually run in compression shorts, but I have run in boxers occasionally.

My experience was not so different. My stepdad wore boxers. White briefs were boring, underwear for kids. Boxers I associated with virile older men. I took a couple of my stepdad's boxers when I went to college, got rid of the tighty-whities and never bought another pair ever. Boxers all the way.