Feeling Comfy

There is nothing like the feeling of being comfortable with what you are wearing. Many people sacrifice looks for comfort. !!What a shame!!
jessma94 jessma94
18-21, F
8 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Comort is the way to go. : )

I SOOOO agree.....and find women's clothes (like nightgowns and skirts) much more comfy than men's clothes. One of the side benefits of cross-dressing.

you look very comfy in those blue jeans ! ;-)

Gr8 post. I totally agree with you:]

That is a fundamental quality.

Yes, I've seen from other stories that you like to wear very good shoes. Life is too short for bad shoes. X

Those people just don't know how to enjoy life the way it should be!

I am a jeans type of guy, too and you know what they say about men and women - the difference is in the jeans! I took a glance at your pictures, and you dont sacrifice anything for being comfortable!