Being Diapered Outside

I have always loved the feeling of being outside in just diapers and a tee shirt. There is a subliminal joy/fear of being seen or caught acting like a little boy. My favorite time is gardening in the spring, i.e. playing in the dirt, and getting a bit messy. Also like taking pics of me in diapers in public places. Have a few I will share. would love to view others doing the same, hiking, fishing, sightseeing in diapers. Please join in. Dave

NMDave NMDave
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

yes i love to wear diapers out in public and have done it with just a shirt on with a diaper and plastic pants hoping to get caught or someone to say something but it hasn't happened. as one of my friends one this sight ask me is it worth getting caught either by someone use their phone to vidio tape it than send it over the internet or to be arrested by the police and be put in the paper. either way it would bring embaressment to you and your family. when he ask me this i had never thought about it that way. it was an eye opener so i ask the same to all of you. i do understand that need to be seen by others an the need for them to acknowledge to you that they have seen you.

i love wearing diapers outside too. theres a thrill about being caught and what people will think. i always wanted to be noticed by another guy who comments on my noisy puffy pants and wants to change my wet diaper for me. then seduces me into sex . im a true diaper lover and will send pics soon. your friend soaked