I Love Wearing Diapers

I been wearing diapers off and on now for 22 years.My wife just put a dry diaper on me just before she left.I got both cloth and depends.I been trying to get my wife to wear diapers to but she say it's my fun.But she said she will try one on when it's cooler  out.
bigbaby1955 bigbaby1955
56-60, M
3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

BigBaby1955, I sure envy you and your relationship. My wife is trying to get me to stop. I sure wish for her to join or at least work with me. Your cloth diapers sound like the best way. If your wife joins you try to make it a full weekend just for fun. Anyway have a great time with your marriage.

Good luck with that! Lucky she lets you wear them in any case.

Sounds like you two have fun. Please share more about this.