I Like People Being Able To See My Bra.

I am always obviously a man in public but like wearing tight ladies trousers and a unisex top. The trousers reveal that I have nothing manly under them (everything tucks up into my body cavity) and also let people see the bumps of my stocking suspenders. The fact that I don't wear socks over my stockings lets everyone know that I wear stockings, especially when I wear a pair of fishnets. Although my top is not see through it is still obvious that I am wearing a bra.
I always get embarrassed by the looks on people's faces when they see a man dressed like this but at the same time get a thrill from it.
My wife won't be seen with me when dressed like this, but likes to be in the vicinity so she can see the reactions I get. When we get home and discuss the day's events she really gets into rewarding me with a good spanking and some serious nipple torture.
malecynthia malecynthia
70+, M
Sep 25, 2012