I Wear Lingerie Only

I wear panties, garters, just lingerie of any kind all the time, it's all I have. Why are some people so hung up on what someone else is wearing/doing ? I don't see why it is a big deal if your a women that want's to wear "mens" boxers, or a guy that wants to wear "women's" panties/lingerie. It is not gonna hurt anyone no matter what you wear! I just wear what's the most comfortable, best feeling, sexiest I can find. Why is it some people are so hung up on what is supposed to be Men or Women's clothes?  This isn't the 1800's any longer, Women now wear pant's and T-shirt's, they wear men's dress shirt's, suit's, "boyshort's", we don't even look the other way when we see this.  

    My choice is Bikini's, Tanga's, some HiCut's and a few Thong's, garters and hose top it off for me. It's all I own, tossed out everything else. The bigger the collection the better. I love the feel , the fit , the style,and look of lingerie. I have a enormous  collection to chose from everyday, special lingerie for those special night's. 

    I don't really care if anyone know's or doesn't anymore! I just have to be me, and that is who I am, I have nothing to be ashamed about so don't be judgmental .

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8 Responses Mar 10, 2010

my girlfriend and I think you are right on.100%

glad some-one else thinks like me,why should we label clothes by sex's women wear men's and we don't bat an eye-lid yet you were to put on a dress the little minded,morel brigade will be up in arms quick smart,

They are better than anything made for "men" and I will stick to lingerie, for me.

Panties just feel and fit so much better.<br />
Y-fronts should be banned... Internationally.<br />

I also wear womens panties and also dont care who knows. I wear them because they are comfy, sexy and wife approved. anyone dont like me wearing them can kiss my sweet ***

I am still wearing them all the time and am glad, that there are lots of others that do the same. I think that more and more people are feeling comfortable in their own self.

Who cares what anyone else thinks? Panties were my first love, my first real sexual experience, and reguardless of what anyone says I'll wear my panties if I want. Right now I'm wearing some nylon leopard print boy shorts and I'm proud of it.

really nice to hear that and your so right on