I Will Always Love Feminine Clothes

I started very young. It was very exciting and in a sexual way it arroused me.
In the last ten years I have worn feminine clothes much more and out in public.

To me it has now evolved. I still love to wear them. I am addicted to wearing them. I feel happy wearing them.
Except now it's not about sexual arousal, it's just how I need to be.

Is this the way it is for other cross dressers ? Is it just me ?

I used to dread the day I wanted to stop. That day I now know will never come.
I love feminine clothes because they are what I am !
Just a sissy girl.
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Fabulous sweetie

Same here, it's just who I am.

yes im the same way it just feels good noting sexual anymore

I wear womens cloths full time. I do not dress as a woman. I am a man in a dress or a skirt. Womens cloths are cooler and more comfortable.I will never stop as I haveNO men cloths. Just be your self and enjoy what you do.