French Knickers.

I now wear Silk French Knickers most days now, they are a joy to wear and so sexy when worn with stockings.
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I guess I need to search for French Knickers, I do like sexy underwear for those special evenings.

Look at sulis silks on the web.They make the most exquisite french knickers.

thank you

plz add me and why dont u add a pic or 2

Yes, yes, yes!!

This answers my question I responded with for another one of your stories. Do you like to wear fully fashioned stockings? Do you wear stockings frequently?

I wear stockings most days to work under my dress.
I prefer stockings I do not like tights, they make my thing to hot.

You sound every bit the lady. Very sexy.

I could`nt agree more. As a man, I find them a fantastic turn on and the ladies I`ve known who whear them say, they feel fabulously sexy when wearing them. I love the look when worn with stockings and heels, and they are wonderful to touch...especially when sliding them gently down over stockinged legs. I was asking the question recently `DoWomen Stil Wear French Knickers?` so it was interesting to spot your post. Any chance of adding me? I`d love to see you wearing some French Knickers etc.

Show me please! complete with stockings and heels if you would ;-)

I couldnt agree more!<br />
Even better with no bra!

I couldnt agree more!<br />
<br />
Next best thing is NO french knickers!

***** alert. Beware the *****. If you nd an email to send me a pic lol...

Have not invested in enough French knickers, teamed with stockings....knock-out!

They are so sexy and such fun; you must get some. I love `playing` with my lady wearing them; taking them off is only half of the pleasure!

Ummmm hmmmmmm

Now that would be awesome to see,hope you share a pic of you in them sometime.Thank you for that fun thought.

like to see you in them

You would I am very pretty in knickers.


Lovely knickers.

Try wearing a pair you will like them, I know you are a man, why should women be the only ones allowed to wear silk and lace knickers.