French Knickers

Out of all Lingerie French Knickers must be the most sensous item of knickers ever invented they are wonderful and so comfortable to wear.
I know a lot of young women that have never heard of them, they do not know what they are missing.
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A good pair provides the feeling of pure nakedness physcologically, but you are wearing knickers which suits the conscience.
Good for the younger person but many wives grow out of their use.

I was fortunate enough to have my Wife embrace them later in life for the express purposes of pairing them with sleepwear from a chemise to a long gown as they do not inhibit physical access for all manner of marital relations with no need to remove them for the purpose. What you say about being the equivalent to nakedness is partially true, the outward appearance is totally modest but with the wide leg openings and even side slits the way they instantly allow her to be completely naked and exposed when she wishes it is incomparable. They are by far the most practical panty style for a sexually active Woman to wear. Her interest in this activity grew rather than being something that she grew out of to the point that it is the first thing we do each day.

They are also soft and very loose and give the woman a sense of nakedness. Any woman who is in a sexual relationship should have them.Feminine,loose, makes everything accessible. You just cannot beat french knickers unless you wear none at all.
A No1. for all sexually active woman without doubt.

The very easy access knickers, no need to remove just move to one side.

The nice thing about French Knickers particularly those in silk that are properly designed is that when a Woman wishes someone to have access they move out of their way pretty much on their own when she decides you are to have access to her. Totally delightful and inviting intimate apparel.

I am going out with this boy and he loves French Knickers as he can slide his hand up the leg and finger my jewel.

Well, it is considerate that you dress and prepare your self so appropriately to provide him ready access to your best bits. My Wife never wears them under day clothes only with sleepwear ranging from a camisole to a long gown. She insists upon wearing panties to bed and she would get cross if I were to remove them from her for marital relations be it oral sex, manual, a vibrator or intercourse. French Knickers were a revelation as access is so delightfully straight forward and when she wishes she is fully exposed to me. The only other panty that she wears to bed are very snug high cut panty girdles, effectively briefs which I have modified to have the ride fully undo with hook and eye fasteners like a teddy also to gain ready access to her for sex. She of course wears teddies with buttons, snaps or hook and eye fasteners which also undo so we may partake as well. All her lingerie and sleepwear is quite modest yet these things were intended to facilitate and not in any way impede sexual relations and that is our specific intent.

I find them very practical and I am not married just some boyfriends.

Yes, well when you decide that one of those boyfriends has met your qualifications and you are in a randy mood he should consider himself most fortunate when you decide to allow him to see, nibble and then to insert himself past a lovely frilly pair of French knickers you have chosen for the purpose and to know you in the biblical sense. The advantage of being very well married is that we have relations on a very frequent and regular basis - but we are the exception and unfortunately this is far from common in marriage. Sexual relations are something we highly value and enjoy a great deal and I make very certain that my Wife has every possible opportunity to achieve release each and every time, it is my one rule that she *** first. Then I can enjoy her properly knowing she has been satisfied and If I can help her *** again then so much the better. She knows what she likes and so do I and we are not shy about getting it. It is amazing when you know your spouse loves sex as much as you do and we both prepare and very much look forward to spending intimate time with one another despite doing it each morning. If you do it right it is always fresh and exiting and mutually pleasurable.

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I like them on women & me x

very sexy when my lover wears them - they give possibilities for access.

Ideal for fingering as they offer easy access.

the other option...wear none at all!

I love wearing silk french knickers.

have to say i have a few pairs of french knickers,but i am a not a real fan of them being to loose fitting i prefer the to fit kinda like shorts,a bit snug..but otherwise anything goes.

well i am in france right now i would love to bring you some back and see what they look like on you

Is it because of the comfort of the fabric, or the cut that is so nice? Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of the way they look, is it because you have nice associations with "French"? I love most things French myself; the language is spoken- music, the culture, especially artistically, has led the world for the last few centuries.

Too bad more women don't know. They are wonderful - to look at on a woman. I'm not into wearing the things; rather enjoy them on a sweet woman.

Love French Knickers, have to be silky though !

Do you wear silky french knickers or just like feeling girls wearing silky knickers.

love silky French Knickers mmmm

They are very nice and silky.

I love them too. In the US, they are called "tap pants" and they are more and more difficult to find.

I have purchased many pairs for my Dear Wife - she insists on wearing panties to bed and this style is pretty and accessible with no need to remove them for marital relations. They are very practical in addition to being sensual. Silk is the best but nylon, rayon, polyester are also good fabrics and the embroidery and finishing are also lovely. I really like when she wears the old vintage silk pairs with no elastic and buttons on the side - she takes extra time and care to put these on and they are lovely and stay there when we get frisky. The extra room and ease of access is enchanting - I also like the type with side slits for even greater access. They drape her so perfectly - my all time favourite panty for her to wear.

French Knickers better made of silk are wonderful knickers.

I totally agree they are my best knickers and I wear them most days under my suit,with stockings and suspenders.

I couldn't agree with you more Lucy. Saw from your stories that you are also a nurse. I don't know why but the thought of a nurse wearing french knickers is quite a turn on!

I completely agree French knickers are very sensous, I have never seen them for sale for a very long time, where do you buy them?

Debenhams and most independent lingerie shops still sell them.

Thank you for that, will need to check out Debenhams

now that i see exactly the knickers you are talking about. omg. I would love to have lots of those added to my collection to wear.

My best knickers are french ones, they are lovely.