I Never Knew Who I Was Until I Wore Her Fur Coat

I was into fur coats before there was such a thing as fetishes. The moment I opened up the cedar chest and took out Mom's old fur coat I knew I was tempting fate worse than death. Getting caught meant getting thrown out of the house and the family. I thought about the consequences but still I felt I NEEDED to wear that old fur coat. I wanted to believe (and I nearly convinced myself) I had a fur fetish. I think maybe once or twice I *********** wearing that fur coat. Everytime I would wear the coat I would become more comfortable and/or bolder. Wearing the fur coat made me feel feminine and because of that I started experimenting with crossdressing and wearing makeup and wondering about who i really was.
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Isn't the wearing of a fur coat intoxicating? Either you get it -- or you don't I am not a cross dresser or the like, but a 60+ straight married guy with three grown kids. But I have relished the look of furs on women, and the wearing of them myself since childhood. It only took over 50 years to actually buy a coat for myself and eventually wear it out in public. Trying to do so as a kid would probably get me in the same trouble as you. But I cringe at all the time wasted. But times change and I am not ashamed of enjoying furs, and am known among my friends as such.... so THERE you naysayers!

You are not alone by any stretch of the imagination! Google "Fur Fashion Forum" and you'll find hundreds of men (and some women!) who enjoy furs. We have seven minks bought off local auction sites and my wife indulges me from time to time....
Most of the negativity regarding the wearing of fur is steeped in ignorance - hell, our ancestors would not have survived and we would not be here today were it not for animal skins!

Fur lovers definitely know of and participate in the Fur Fashion Forum, from the FurFashion Guide website. I have joined such sites since the advent of the internet, and yes, fun to communicate with others who share our passion.

I discovered crossdressing the same way and I'm so glad I did. I have always loved the sight & feel of furs accentuating the female figure. <br />
I had access to an amazing wardrobe when I was a teenager. I went in the first time because I knew there were beautiful fur coats in it and I had to try them on. After-which, anytime I knew that I could get in there for a few hours alone, I started trying on heels, stockings, gowns & little dresses; different kinds of jewelry and I eventually started experimenting with makeup.<br />
Then I grew too tall for the clothes to fit and stopped for a very long time. Now that I am older, I have started again - first with my own beautiful furs, and discovering what size heels fit my feet, picking out sexy lingerie and stockings and finding out my dress size. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go out yet - I'm still working on my wardrobe;)