My Pink Sissy Dress

I have a beautiful pink and frilly satin dress that I love dressing up in. Add with that my frilly pink suspender and panties with my white stockings and pink bows and a pair of patent pink heels and I feel like the sexiest girl around!!! I am gonna treat myself to another outfit in the near future...I highly recommend checking out the sissy store...they have SO many pink frilly girls frocks!! :)
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Would love to see a pic of you wearing this!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I know what it stands for...I'm just not sure I know what you mean in connection to the experience? :0



that really sounds very hot and sooooo sexy

I'd like to see a photo of you in that sissy dress.

It seems a few people would like to see it...i may do a few pics...keep them peeled!! ;)

Although I have worn school uniform and a maid's dress, I haven't explored sissy dresses before now. Odd, as my first experience of dressing was with my sister's satin party dress. The sissy store dresses are so cute and lovely and make me feel so submissive just looking at them!

Hey baby!!
I recommend just so happens im wearing one now whilst shopping for another. They feel so just wanna have Mommy make you a pretty little girl and **** train you!! ;)

Which one are you wearing?

I love the sound of being **** trained by Mommy! I wish mine had taken me in hand that way instead of telling me a boy being a sissy was something to be ashamed of.

Mandi xx

i'll mail you Mandi!!

Let me see your beautiful pink dress. I love PINK!

I may well dress up in it especially for you as your such a sexy friend and mail it to you!! ;) x

Would so love to see pictures of you in the outfit you describe.
So sissy in pink and white....

I'll bet you look beautiful!!

I bet you look fantastic! Thanks for telling us about it!

Love white stockings so virginal. Like your avatars pic

Another ne that would love to see you in it.

You would look so pretty in that dress.....i'd love for you to give my great oral sex wearing it

Pink is the only color I want for anything. LOL.

Pink & White is so girlie sissy, love to see you in that outfit.

the full outfit sounds lovely. i wish i had one like it. which sissy store are you on about would love to check it out. their clothes are'll feel the most beautiful sissy girl in any of their designs...

thank you for the store name i shall take a look at it and see if i can resist the clothes on there......

What is it with us sissy girls and the colour pink - like others here I just love it. I bet you look wonderful in your pink outfit xxx

I know it's crazy! But, well, it's just so nice!

Pink and frily dresses are a must Bridesmaid dresses use to be like that and you could get them from charity shops. Sadly they dont seem to be around anymore. Geting to the point that what the girls are wearing at there wedings are geting les fem.

What / where are sissy stores ?? I do the Ross, Marshall , target... department stores with sales... Love my clothes an heels gurls... sd

I love the thrift stores, cheap and sometimes even trailer park cheap if that's the look I'm going for.

I would love to browse the department stores ..and do ..sometimes ... but I can't afford to buy expensive clothes that make me feel hot and sexy - and I can't wear ANY of it in public.... I'm not wealthy, but I am a cd and love it.

Sissy clothing is the best!

I am sure you love the feeling or wearing it as much as the look. Must check that store too Thank you for the hint. Any chance to see you wearing it.

I will try and get a picture posted!! And yes,it feels devine!!! X

It certainly is...once in it it's impossible to feel anything but a sissy...and it feels great too!!! Xxx

Sounds so hot and sexy!!