Pink And Frilly

I love, love wearing dresses and lingerie the more girly girl the better. I own a light pink maids uniform with white lace edging I just adore wearing while cleaning the house. I wear it with white opaque thigh highs and a pink overbust corset under neith as well ad a pink very full petticoat. I also add pink lace ruffled ankle socks and of course 4 inch heels. Just bought new peeptoe pumps in light pink and white that will be just perfect with it. Also planning on wearing the corset and petticoat along with pink fairy wings for holloween. Trying to convince my wife to join me in coming out for that.
Sissymaid420 Sissymaid420
4 Responses Sep 14, 2013

send me a picture 😉

me too

You should be my sissy fashionista; I love your style hun.xox

I share your love for those petticoats. I wear them everyday even tho there outdated, Most all my friends love to see me wear them.