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Sexey Girly Things

I love to wear my tight black panties and bras around the house and when I go out shopping. Have thongs too and and other colors but favorite is Black! I only let the wife see me in some of her old white boby shaper panties and keep my other sexy panties a secret. so much more excitement wearing them when she doesn't know and when I'm in the stores standing next to some hot lady. I also wear my bras around the house and my wife knows I'm wearing one. But I start out with one of her old ones (40C) with full back and front clip that that acts like a back support brace. I started wearing back a few years ago by telling her I really needed it for the back support so she was OK. Now, after I get her to rub the "bad back spot" I'll later sneak off and change into the sexy black bra - see my pic! It's a great feeling to be wearing the black panties and bras while sitting there watching TV and she doesn't know! She'd probably be really pissed to know of my kinky dressing but that's part of the fun isn't it? I am sitting her now in some black panties and bra and black nighty with thigh hose as I type this and feel really good. And it feels even better as I share these secret desires with folks like you who have the same desires! Post those panty pics and let's share the feelings.................
robbi95 robbi95 46-50, M Oct 16, 2010

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