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Just A Straight Guy Loving Girls Clothes

 My first time was with  fishnet pantyhose when i was 10yrs old and i have been crossdressing since then. I am 56yrs old, married and have 2 adult kids. My wife and son ( 26yrsold ) are both handicap. Our daughter is 17yrs and somewhat healthy. My family comes before my dressing-up. I have some health problems to. My first time fully dressed was when i was 11yrs old. I was having so much fun i lost track of time. I was laying on the couch watching TV  when the front door opened, but i made it  to my bedroom without getting caught. It took awhile to get all the clothes put back where they belonged. I dressed anywhere and anytime i could, i could not stop.I could not wait to visit my cousins because they were the same size as me. When our families got together they were to busy talking to miss me. The girls room was upstairs and they never came upstairs while we were there,except one time. I kept my clothes in the upstairs bathroom. I was in full drag having fun, with make-up and fingernails and toenails painted(first time). It was time to changeand i got the dress off when i heard someone at the bottom of the steps. I ran to the bathroom just in time. They decided to play in their room.I did not know what to do. luckily there ws polish remover in there, but what  about the clothes.I put my clothes on over her clothes and went outside waiting for them to come out. Before i could change dad said it was time to go home. I had no choise but to wear everything home, i was in heaven and scared at the same time. I finally  had  my own  ruffle panties , bra and pantyhose. I got  a few dresses  and  more under things acouple weeks later when a neighbor put boxes of  clothes out in their garage that was never locked in those days. I got my first pair of shoes (penny lofers) that fit perfit from a friends sister. We were good friends so i spent alot of time and trying her clothes on when i could. He was on the phone alot down stairs or outside talking to someone. I could not stop, i guess i was hoping to get caught. I've been married for 36yrs, she knew 2yrs before we married. Family knew 4yrs later. I've been going out in public ever since. WE go anywhere we want, malls fleamarkets,resaleshops and yardsales. My favorite is short skirts, hose and kneehigh highheel  boots. I have 6holes in each ear. I dress tiwce aweek in the winter. Only once in awhile in the summer, but i do wear girls clothes ( not dressed completely as a girl)  when  we go someplace. I have not had problems so far. The places we go people know what i am (we been going to these places for long) they are very friendly. I hope this is story is not to long winded. I am new to a computer. I have alot more great memories. I have to hunt and peck to type.  Hope you all have fun dressing-up.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 5 Responses Dec 31, 2010

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im wearing my sister clothes when may mom and dad are not here.
i am 13 yrs old and i where my sister clothes.
my girlfriend accepted me.

What a great story. I started wearing my mom's clothes about th
e same age. Good to h
ear your wife is azccepting and you get to dress a couple of times a week this time of year. It's great you and your wife can go shopping together.

Good for you ... an interesting story and it sounds like you, as well as your wife, are having a good time with your crossdressing.

A good story looking forward to hear more from you, you have an understanding family and friends. keep up the good work of wearing skirts etc regards to you and your Family

that was good and your not hurting anyone so keep enjoying