Girls' Clothes Bring Out The Girl In Me

When I was a teenage boy, my mother had something of an obsession about making sure I always put clean underpants on every day "in case I had an accident and got run over by a bus" or something of that sort. What she would now make of the scenario of the bus running me over and everyone discovering I was wearing girls' panties I don't know, but perhaps fortunately she's no longer alive to worry about it.

For I now go out dressed in - as well as the panties - tights or lace top hold-ups, a corset or maybe a basque, 3" or 4" heels if I'm feeling brave, and with my boy stuff taped firmly between my legs so I have to sit to pee. If I'm staying at home out of the reach of marauding buses, I often as not wear hotpants or a mini-skirt.

And I love it! I'd never really thought of myself as a crossdresser, but who am I fooling? I suppose I've become one without consciously intending to or planning to: it's just the way things turned out. I started wearing girls' clothes, liked it, and I now do it more and more, although I do still retain a certain measure of outward circumspection in public. But underneath it all I enjoy the way it brings out the girl in me, and it brightens up my day no end.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I can relate to this !

Thank you so much for your experience. Very similar

Sounds like your mmom was very special. Bet you wear clean panties under that miniskirt.

Good for you. Probably your mom would be proud to know that now you are wearing clean panties each and every day.

I like to think she would. Although she was quite 'traditional' in the way she brought me up, she did her best on the other hand to make sure I grew up to be happy and contented.

What a nice tribute to your mom. ;-) Both of my parents were pretty conservative but, as I came to realize later in life, not traditional in rearing me. But like you they wanted me to be happy and contented too and I am.