I Love To Wear Girl's Clothes

I do love to wear girl's clothes. I have been dressing in girls clothes since I was 11 or 12.  I started wearing mom's clothes and it was such a wonderful feeling.  I just couldn't stop myself.

I've been wearing girl's clothes now for over 40 years and can't stop.  I look forward to dressing every day.  It's so much fun.

And shopping enfeme is such a delight too.  I went shopping for a dress last weekend at one of my favorite stores.  They didn't have any,  Not even a holiday frock.  The sales associate told me they were only available online.  It seems the store did not meet the quota so the wharehouse had stopped sending any dresses to this store.  Such a shame.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

i have been dressing off and on since i was 7 love the feel of the clothes have not had the guts to shop in fem yet

You should try it Spaz. You would have a blast shopping at a little botique.