My Low Rise Jeans

FOr about 10 years I have been wearing girls ultra low rise jeans - lower the better. Try a pair of Sanna or Navel Rose jeans - 3" rise - from Japan. Takes a bit to make sure you are not exposed as they are so low but with a tiny 1" zipper you can't get them any lower. My first pair of Ultra low rise jeans were from a company called Dorinha jeans out of Vancouver BC. Dorinha is from Brazil and she was jsut starting up a company back in 2000. I talked her into making some male ultra low rise jeans which looked fantastic. The volume never took off because most of her guy customers would just go ahead and buy the female version of the jeans anyway. They were stretch denim and fit great. She loved when guys would buy the jeans for themselves or both them and their girlfriends. I recommended that she create a 'matched pair' set of jeans - for a girl / guy. All super skin tight and ultra low rise.

This morning I am wearing a pair of by Sanna 3" rise jeans and will be planning to be out and about in them. Nice warm day in Chicago so a short cutoff top to show the abs.

Enjoy and keep them low and skin tight.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

A great place to get jeans made exactly as you like them is For about $50 you can get a well made pair of jeans with the low rise and tight fit that you want and it only takes a couple of weeks to get them. Make careful measurements and your new jeans will fit perfectly. I have four pair of jeans that I've had made by them, and I love how they fit me.