Some Other Jeans I Have

I have tons of jeans to show, here's some other I never posted before. The more girly they look, the more I love them.
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7 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Definately fit you perfectly! I especially like the blue denim jeans...just my preference:)
Thanks for posting these. Any more comming soon? (I hope) :)

Very nice, paint your toes, look even sexier

i do like you in your pink ones

You definately need to share more of you in your girly jeans:) Thank You!!!

So cute!

Love the pink ones and the blue ones have such a cute design on the back pockets

I wore them two or thee times in public, but not as often as others, cause the rest of my body is not girly at all, so it looks weird... too flashy, but I love them at home! If I were more feminine, I would do for sure.