I Think That Girl Jeans Hav...

I think that girl jeans have come a long way since the late 50's.  They no longer have the hump in the crotch and have a little give in the derrier.  I hope the CEO of Jeans R US gave the designer a nice bonus.

deb1620 deb1620
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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

i wish guys' jeans has the fit girl jeans have. they have good stretch and certain brands look very unisex, so people can't tell the difference. i like the jeans packaging, the way you have the size numbers and logo designed and set up. i feel girl jeans have more attitude, more expressive.

i've shoped to wet seal, the sales girls treat me cool and i think they must feel flattered that i like the type of jeans you girls have to offer. that's equality to the fullest lol!