Girls Jeans

I like Girls Jeans I wear the Stretch Jeans a lot I like those Quite a bit. Since I'm Tall It's Hard to find the right pair of Jeans that I like. I also like jeans with Buttons in the back.

princessv71 princessv71
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

mmm--i never thought of trying on girls jeans, have to go to the thrift store and find a pair that fits my butt..

I've recently started buying girls jeans and I just love the fit. I've bought styles almost identical to men's jeans, but with the women's, the seat doesn't droop down halfway to my knees. It's a great feeling to have jeans that fit again.

I would love to find jeans that button or zip in the back...but it is almost impossible these days.

i wear girls jeans myself