I Started Wearing Womens Jeans In Public to Make More Tips At Work.

I wear really tight girl's jeans to work most of the time to increase my tips and i enjoy the attention. I wait tables. I was told to try it by girls at work and some girls i know agreed, so here i am. I've actually been secrectly wearing them since i was about 16 or so, i'm 22 now. This was justa convienent way to start wearing them in public. I only wear womens thongs under them. Anything else is silly.


Thats my intro, i'd love to hear your comments.:D

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I wear women's jeans mostly now too, and though I'm not into thongs (full-cut nylon panties for me), wearing women's underwear under women's jeans just makes sense.

at my old job, a girl just suggested i wear tighter jeans to make more tips. so i started asking around about it and most girls said, yeah do it.<br />
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at my current job, a girl or two were commenting on how big my *** looked and gave me a few compliments. one of them noticed she has the same exact jeans and wears them to work also, so they knew they were girl jeans

just out of curiousity, how did the subject of you wearing girls jeans come up with the other waitresses? Did they already know you wore panties?

All my jeans are womens and most of my thongs are too they just fit better.

YAY! I just started a new job where i can wear jeans to wait tables again, so i started wearing girls jeans again this last week :D

having a nice tight pair of jeans up your crack is a nice feeling

I'm in a pair of women's jeans now. When I measured them, I found they were an inch less than my male cut pants, from the crotch to the top in back. That missing inch forces them into my crack, making me feel sexier than before. A nice change.

I would try thongs and just go to some clothing stores and start trying on some women's jeans. You probably wear between a size 8 to 12

All I wear out of the house now is ladies jeans, a few days back I was coming out of a store in a nice pair and as we got closer to these two guys I overheard one of them say those are girls jeans, I just kept walking lol next I need a nice pair of boots too finish off my look.

Add some feminine shoes and see what those guys say

I like wearing womens cropped jeans, as I like to wear womens boots too, and this shows the boots off well.

checked out your pics nothing gets me harder then seeing a thong on a guy above his jeans very big tip for you for sure like the tight jeans with a thong underneath you have me starting to think about wearing womans jeans thanks

i wear womens and girls jeans myself

That'll be a huge hit with the girls. No, really! A lot of girls like that kind of stuff! (Myself included. XD)

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