Wore Some Tight Jeans With a Huge ***** In Front of My Mom. :d

so i was hanging around the house the other day in some tight jeans, and my mom came home from shopping and saw me. She had seen me in other tight jeans so she didn't even seem to notice.

I went into the bathroom and slipped a ice cream scooper in my *** and pulled my pants back up and went out to help her put away groceries. I had an erection but it wasn't complete yet. She didn't seem to be noticing at all.

I went back to the bathroom a few times to ********** a little bit each time, gettinga little more and more daring each time. Each time i came back a little bit harder.


After a couple minutes i came back out wearing just the really tight stretch jeans, a thong and the butt plug. I had been getting really really horny and i was as hard as a rock. I have about a 7 inch penis so it wasn't a small erection. I stood about 3 ft in front of my mom, pants as tight as can be with a full on erection. It was so hot.

I just wished she would have noticed or i could have gotten some kind of reaction. If she did notice, she never said anything. it was pretty hot and i got off really well that day.

frankinstine frankinstine
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2009

kinda, she's really pretty. but mostly it was just the thrill of wearing tight jeans, a g string and having something up my *** in front of someone. let alone being hard in those super tight jeans. the fact that it was my mom just made it even hotter.

Do you have the hots for you mom?