Officially: I Hate Mans Jeans

Today, was my first time, i worn all day my female jeans. The previous events i wear only in night, today: all day. Now, i decided didn't care about others opinion, i wear them regularly. Its better, when i want to find a male jeans the hips size is big, like a sail, but the female jeans is perfect... Perfect all the way. Its hot, sexy, i can't count everything.. simple: i love it! And, didn't care about my thong can be visible... it's my life, and i want feel great myself in my life. So, the Chinese new year is coming, and a new time coming for me, simply didn't care about other peoples opinion, simply live my life. I'm a crossdresser, i was, and i be... forever. 

VivienXX VivienXX
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I agree women jeans low cut love to see my thong and belly button makes me feel so fem

No, i'm not Chinese, i'm 100% Hungarian -> Central Europe. Sorry for my bad English, i interesting a lot of language, and i easy confuse the grammar rules, the words... Know in English, German, beginning the Turkish language, know few things in Swahili, Spanish, Japanese, of course my mother language Hungarian; and now i crush to a Chinese girl... also means i began interesting about Chinese language.

I agree! Great story, I too luv shopping for women's jeans. They fit soo well! I really like the the back pocket details, and lower pocket placement. Fav brands are Lei, and Glo.

You be you. Every day I have off I wear women's jeans. Last month I had off, and wore womens jeans all month. You can't really tell that they are women's jeans. I love them. great story.