Boy In Panties

When I was a little boy I remember hating getting dressed and hating my underpants. After
A while I stopped wearing them. One time I was curiously going through my sisters drawers and was fascinated with her panties and bras. I was 11 at the time, just feeling the material got me very excited the silk, lace or Cotten I started to wear them on a daly basis going to school or hanging out. I would mail order panties and bras from lingerie magazines and also would dress up in girls clothes. When I was 14 a friend of mine came over to stay the night I was so used to being in girls underwear that I forgot while getting undressed he was staring at me when I suddenly realized I was in my green silk panties and bra, I realize now that I did this on purpose as it was a secret I didn't want to hide anymor, we had been drinking and were drunk, I felt very relaxad. After staring at me for a while silent he started to feel my silk underwear, he became aroused as did I also. I was still a virgin and completely overcome with sexual longing. I took off his pants and sat on penis he eventually entered me I remember looking down at my silk panteis while he was *********** inside me. We didn't speak about what we did but for years later we would have sex after drinking binges he would even buy me lingerie and I would drees up for him.
Wetmangina Wetmangina
1 Response May 4, 2011

Lovely story, it brings back memories to me of a similar encounter when I was about 14 to 15.